The “Not PIAF enough” concept


Surely, you know them. Bad ads with good intentions - spots, prints and banners that remained stuck somewhere halfway between a great punch line and poor execution. In a way, we have a weak spot for them, because they help us show the way. The path to an ad that will be truly good. And above all, good enough for PIAF.

The concept of "This is not PIAF enough" from the agency Revolta, which has taken over the communication for the festival for the second time, is focusing on this very unfulfilled expectation, as well as on the existential desire to respond and to show "how to do it." Because let’s be honest, what creative creature would these limping "meta-ads" leave in peace?

We firmly believe that those who are “#PIAFenough” are not among them - and it’s precisely these people, along with their great advertising creations, we hope to see enter the annual PIAF contest. Take the destiny of truly good commercials into you own hands.


PIAF 2017 is held under the auspices of Prague's mayor Adriana Krnáčová.